The chairperson plays an important role in the success of our convention.


In a nutshell, the chairperson’s job is to make the speaker’s session run as smoothly as possible, and to assist in getting teacher feedback about the session. Here’s how it works:


A few weeks before convention:

  • You will receive an information package about the speaker. Contact the speaker and arrange to meet with him/her just prior to the session. Discuss how the speaker wishes to be introduced.
  • A convenient place to meet is in the Host Room at the Shaw Conference Centre or Westin Hotel. This room is for speakers/chairpersons only so invite him/her for continental breakfast, lunch, coffee, snacks. It’s a good place to leave coats, boots, speaker materials, etc.


At convention, before the session:

  • Pick up the “Speaker Package” at the NCTCA office –it includes nametags, evaluation forms, etc.
  • Meet with the speaker, finalize your intro and see if you can assist in any other way at the session.
  • In the session room, check to be sure that all AV equipment requested is there. AV technicians are on hand to help.


At the session:

  • Introduce the speaker.
  • Distribute handouts if the speaker has any.
  • Distribute evaluations forms at random to the attendees.
  • Thank the speaker.
  • Ask participants to complete evaluation forms.
  • Collect evaluation forms.

After the session:

  • Entertain the speaker in the host room if you haven’t already done so.
  • Tabulate evaluation forms collected.
  • Complete the chairperson’s summary.
  • Return “Speaker Package” to NCTCA office.