2007 03 13 Parkland teachers’ president reviews the day’s lesson for trustees

The president of the Parkland Teachers’ Local has called on the Parkland school board to listen to the messages of Parkland teachers, parents and students, the minister of education, and the premier of the province and get back to effective local bargaining.

Robert Twerdoclib said that teachers have attempted to bargain a collective agreement with a school jurisdiction that seems to believe that government will step in to do their work for them. “Today on radio, we have the minister of education, the Honourable Ron Liepert, calling on both parties to engage a mediator to help resolve the dispute, an action that teachers fully endorse. In the legislature today, Premier Stelmach indicated that he believes strongly in local bargaining and that the government will continue to monitor the Parkland situation.”

“To review today’s lesson for the trustees,” Twerdoclib said, “let me repeat—teachers want a negotiated settlement, the vast majority of Parkland parents and students want a negotiated settlement, the minister of education wants a negotiated settlement and so does the premier. We can only hope that trustees get the message and return to bargaining for the benefit of everyone in the Parkland district.”

For more information, please contact Robert Twerdoclib at (780) 963-3842.