Substitute Teachers' Information Central

If you are a substitute teacher in Parkland school division find useful links and information on the Substitute Teachers Website.


Your ATA Local representatives, Mary Ng-Notton and Russ Roskewich, have spent some time in researching information and putting together two information packages to make substitute teaching easier within Parkland School Division. 

You are also invited to follow us on Facebook by searching the name “Parkland (Substitute) Teachers' Local 10” and request to be added to the group.  Don’t worry, your privacy will not be compromised; members of the group will ONLY be able to view your activity WITHIN the group page – your other day to day Facebook activity will NOT be visible to others.

Substitute Teachers Information Handbook

If you’ve ever had questions about the following areas but not sure who to ask, check out this information package

  • Salary
  • Benefits
  • Professional Development
  • Pension
  • Employment insurance
  • General network use
  • Information regarding the Workboard
  • And other general etiquettes and guidelines

Download “Substitute Teachers Information Handbook” 

Substitute Teachers Survival Guide

For first year teachers, or those who are new to substitute teaching, we have put together a “survival guide” filled with suggestions and tips to help you get through the day. 

Includes seating chart and sign out sheet templates.

Download “Substitute Teachers Survival Guide”