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Oct 3rd - Local Council Meeting - The meeting at the Spruce Grove Motor Inn will start with dinner at 4:30 pm followed by the meeting at 5:00 pm. 



Local Council Meeting


If you have student teachers in your building, please invite them to attend our Local Council Meeting on April 4th at the Grove Motor Inn, Spruce Grove. The meeting will start at 4:30 pm with dinner to follow at 5:45 pm.



Master of Education

Concordia University is now offering Master of Education is Educational Leadership.  For more information, please contact Edgar Schmidt @ Edgar.Schmidt@concordia.ab.ca




NCTCA Teachers' Convention

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Parkland Teachers' Local 10 of the Alberta Teachers' Association is comprised of 632 teachers. Bordering the west side of the City of Edmonton, the Local geographically stretches 100 kilometers west of the Yellowhead Highway to the Pembina River at Entwistle while the North Saskatchewan River acts as the southern border.

Teachers work in public schools in:

  • the City of Spruce Grove
  • the Town of Stony Plain
  • the Villages of Seba Beach, Tomahawk, and Wabamun
  • the hamlets of Duffield and Entwistle
  • Parkland County communities of Blueberry, Graminia, Keephills, Muir Lake and Parkland Village.

Additionally, teachers are employed in outreach and alternate programs, in home-education and virtual delivery, and support roles within the district.

Questions about the content on this page should be addressed to Parkland Teachers' Local 10 at parklandteachers@shaw.ca


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