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  1. ParklandTeacher RT @StonyRotary: Neighbourlink Parkland, caring for the homeless in our community #ServiceAboveSelf Consider donating time, money or much n…
  2. ParklandTeacher RT @psd_70: After months of practice and hard work, the cast and crew of @sgchspsd's Cinderella brought the magic of Rodgers & Hammerstein'…
  3. ParklandTeacher RT @ECTlocal54: Local 54 members, check out this event in the New Year!
  4. ParklandTeacher RT @SantasAnonymous: #YEGSANTAS needs help! The parking lots for delivery weekend DESPERATELY needs to be plowed tomorrow- is there someone…
  5. ParklandTeacher RT @kstridegoudie: Relationships are key ... #prescottpsd70

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