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Central Bargaining Complete!

Central Bargaining has now completed, and we have a new memorandum of agreement (MOA) has been reached with TEBA. Teachers will be voting to accept or reject the MOA from May 11th to the 14th. Voting will be online, so having an active online account @teachers.ab.ca will be required.

This MOA is confidential and only available to ATA members. Please do not share this information publically until the MOA is ratified.


North Central DR By-Election is now on!

The Alberta Teachers’ Association is inviting nominations for the office of district representative for the Central North district. This byelection is a result of the Association receiving no nominations for this position during the recently concluded PEC election.

About Central North

The Association divides the province into 11 geographic districts, one of which is Central North. This district is represented on the Association’s Provincial Executive Council (PEC) by a single district representative. Within the district’s boundaries are more than 2,400 teachers employed by six school jurisdictions and belonging to six correlating ATA locals.

The official DR candidates are:

James Hansen

My name is James Hansen, and I am running for Central North district representative of the Alberta Teachers’ Association. I see my role as district representative (DR) as one of service. I am here for you, to hear what you need from the Association and to help you receive it. As DR, I would be an advocate for the learning conditions of students and the corresponding working conditions for teachers. As DR, I will be a voice championing the professional autonomy of teachers as well as promoting the value of public and Catholic education.

During my time within the Alberta Teachers’ Association, I have discovered how each local is part of the larger provincial picture of teachers. We make up a larger, more diverse community but one with many similarities. I see my role as one of bringing the concerns and issues of each teacher to the attention of Provincial Executive Council (PEC), as well as facilitating the discussion of the larger provincial picture back to the specifics of the particular local situation. 

I have represented teachers within the Alberta Teachers’ Association in ­positions such as Economic Policy Committee chair and Annual Representative Assembly delegate. These experiences have given me the tools I need to ­advocate for you as teachers.

I have been teaching for 11 years. Nine of those years have been with ­Evergreen Catholic at St. John Paul II School in Stony Plain. I have taught Divisions I/II and have been a senior boys basketball coach for many years. I am married to Donna and we have three children: Sara, Michael and Maria.

Please vote for me so I can work for you.

Robert Twerdoclib

The Alberta Teachers’ Association must resist defining the deteriorating classroom conditions and increasing teacher workload as the result of Alberta’s financial woes. Facts continue to point in the same direction: successive Alberta governments manage under an unsustainable revenue model. Classroom learning conditions and teachers’ conditions of practice must reject excuses for underfunding from government. Alberta governments are poor by choice. Until there is serious and meaningful revenue reform, funding for education will not change.

In the coming school year, teachers will again face challenges that affect their ability to provide students with the best education possible. We must continue to ensure funding and support for inclusive education, classroom working conditions, class size and mental health initiatives so that these remain at the forefront of all of our educational stakeholders.

In the near future, teachers, public education, and public Catholic education may face political challenges, exceptional risks and short-lived opportunities that will demand much from our Association.

With your support in this byelection, I will be your voice with the experience, strength, and passion that will be required to ensure public education is a top priority for Albertans. 

I will continue to advocate for our Association to work as a team to build ­consensus, and together build an engaged and informed membership. 

I will guarantee the voices of teachers in Central North are clearly articulated. 

I am excited by this opportunity and look forward to working with you.
Robert Twerdoclib is a classroom teacher in Parkland School Division. He has served as

  • provincial vice-president, district representative, and Parkland Teachers’ Local No. 10 president;
  • chair of the curriculum, finance and resolutions committees, and a member of the professional conduct, membership eligibility, political engagement, review of role of superintendents and Teacher Welfare services committees; and
  • PEC liaison with the Council of School Counsellors, Social Studies Council, Outreach ­Education Council and GEOEC.

Voting Dates online are as follows:

Voting opens June 1 @ 8 pm

Voting closes June 8 @ 5 pm

Please visit teachers.ab.ca to cast your vote. You will need a valid account to vote for the DR candidate of your choice.


Teachers' Convention Thank You!

Parkland Teachers' would like to thank the following teachers who presented at NCTCA this year.

Mona Holton

Corbin Musselman

Brad Langdale

Jessie Krefting

Shelley Ouellette

Alice A. Prophète

Scott Onuczko

Reuben Mahaffy

Patricia Wierstra

Thank you for helping to make NCTCA 17' a success. If you are interested in presenting at next year's Convention, applications for presenters is now open. You can go to this link:  www.mynctca.com

Teacher Tax Credit Information

Information for teachers when it comes to the Federal School Supply Tax Credit Program that is new this year. Please follow the following link here.

A Reminder to all Teachers...

We remind all of our colleagues to not be moving furniture, washing walls and floors or doing anything that is the responsibility of other employees of our district.

Please follow OHS guidelines in terms of what you can and can't do. You are a professional teacher, and should only be doing educational tasks as part of your work duties. If you have any questions, please contact Parkland Teachers' Local offices for any clarification.

Optimize your HSA

We have created a video to help you claim the premiums you pay every month in your HSA. Please watch the video here.

Malatest Results

For those that are interested, here is the Malatest Workload Study where thousands of teachers across Alberta spent over a year documenting their daily, weekly, and monthly workload. An interesting read, but no surprises from what we all expected.

Phone: 780-963-5898
Email: parklandteachers@shaw.ca

Next Local Council Meeting will be Wednesday,
June 6 @ 4:45 Spruce Grove Motor Inn

Last updated: Tuesday, May 23,  2017
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PRESIDENT’S REPORTWednesday, May 3,  2017

It is hard to believe that it is now the second last month of the school year. Where has the time gone? Seems like yesterday that we were having a wonderful evening celebrating our new inductees and retirees in October. It has been six months since that event. Crazy.

            Central Bargaining has now concluded. Myself, Brad Langdale, and Scott Onuczko attended an emergent meeting at Barnett House last Wednesday and were presented with our Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). We were provided with explanations that were specific to each element and provision. This allowed some feedback and justifications as to why we are providing a proposal which continues to cost teachers money out of their wallets by two more years of zero. It was good conversation, and I came away from the meeting understanding where we are at when it comes to the MOA. We may not have increased our pay, but we did win some positives that could be now enshrined in a future collective agreement.

            Teachers will have the opportunity to find out the contents for themselves over the next two weeks. Member Information Meetings (MIM) are being held all this week and next week to help teachers understand the nuances of its contents.  Please make you make every effort to attend a meeting near you. Three meetings are being held in the Edmonton area May 2, 3 and May 10. Online webinars (May 5th French, May 11th English) will also be held for those that are too far or cannot physically attend one of these meetings. Teachers should take the time to read through the entire documents and make an informed decision.

Voting on the MOA begins May 11 at 9:00 am and will continue until May 14 until 5:00 pm. Results of the vote will be released by the ATA on May 15. In order for the MOA to be passed, teachers will need to have voted 50% + 1%. Only teachers who have an active account at teachers.ab.ca will be allowed to vote.

            I had a chance to sit down with our local MLA for Stony Plain, Erin Babcock. We talked about a number of topics, including problems with inclusion, budget, budget surpluses, and school budget cuts, the issue of international standardized testing and its impact on students and teachers, and the funding model of funding private and charter schools with public dollars. It was a good meeting, and she was very surprised to here that school budgets are being cut that are directly impacting students, even though full funding has been provided by Govt. I would urge you to share your own stories with our MLA’s, so they can get a better understanding of the pressures teachers are facing.

            Our Local AGM will be held on May 24th of this month. This is always a very important meeting that should be attended by all Parkland Teachers. Elections for all positions will be held this year, so it is important for teachers to decide their leadership and hence, the direction of the Local. Our annual budget will also need to be approved at this meeting. Please make every attempt to attend, and get as many of your colleagues to join you. Door prizes and a pizza party for the school with the highest percentage of attendees will be awarded.

           Respectfully submitted by Gary Hanna


Looking for an information or a notice that previously appeared on this page? It may have been relocated to our archives page.

Parkland Teachers' Local 10 of the Alberta Teachers' Association is comprised of 632 teachers. Bordering the west side of the City of Edmonton, the Local geographically stretches 100 kilometers west of the Yellowhead Highway to the Pembina River at Entwistle while the North Saskatchewan River acts as the southern border.

Teachers work in public schools in:

  • the City of Spruce Grove
  • the Town of Stony Plain
  • the Villages of Seba Beach, Tomahawk, and Wabamun
  • the hamlets of Duffield and Entwistle
  • Parkland County communities of Blueberry, Graminia, Keephills, Muir Lake and Parkland Village.

Additionally, teachers are employed in outreach and alternate programs, in home-education and virtual delivery, and support roles within the district.

Questions about the content on this page should be addressed to Parkland Teachers' Local 10 at parklandteachers@shaw.ca


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