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Interested in Meeting your PEC Candidates? Forums are occurring in our area. Listen to their platforms and most importantly, get involved and vote!!


Teachers Convention Website is Ready!

Teachers interested in checking out the convention website can now do so. As of Dec. 5, the website is now up and running. You can go to this link:  www.mynctca.com

Teacher Tax Credit Information

Information for teachers when it comes to the Federal School Supply Tax Credit Program that is new this year. Please follow the following link here.

A Reminder to all Teachers...

We remind all of our colleagues to not be moving furniture, washing walls and floors, or doing anything that is the responsibility of other employees of our district.

Please follow OHS guidelines in terms of what you can and can't do. You are a professional teacher, and should only be doing educational tasks as part of your work duties. If you have any questions, please contact Parkland Teachers' Local offices for any clarification.

Optimize your HSA

We have created a video to help you claim the premiums you pay every month in your HSA. Please watch the video here.

Local Bargaining Update

Follow the following link to get the latest in Bargaining news.

Bargaining Update


Malatest Results

For those that are interested, here is the Malatest Workload Study where thousands of teachers across Alberta spent over a year documenting their daily, weekly, and monthly workload. An interesting read, but no surprises from what we all expected.

Phone: 780-963-5898
Email: parklandteachers@shaw.ca

Next Local Council Meeting will be Wednesday,
March 1 @ 4:45 Spruce Grove Motor Inn

Last updated: Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2017
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PRESIDENT’S REPORTWednesday, Jan.11  2017

Welcome back! I hope you had a wonderful holiday break spent with family and friends. I hope you feel renewed and refreshed and ready to tackle the second half of the school year. January and February can be extremely long and challenging months, with the short days and cold temperatures. Take care of yourself and both you and your students will benefit.

Central Table bargaining continues this month. If you haven’t already, you can see bargaining updates by going to www.teachers.ab.ca. It is behind a firewall, so you will need an active account to read any update. Specifics will not be addressed on this blog however. Once Central Bargaining is completed, your EPC and NSC will begin Local Bargaining with our employer. Things are ramping up for these two committees in preparation for this.

This brings up the importance of having an active account.  Please continue to remind your colleagues about the importance of having an account. We have provided a poster for your school listing six reasons why it is important to be registered. Please post this in your school, and talk about this at your next staff meeting.  Currently only 72% of Parkland Teachers’ are active. I am planning on visiting schools over the next few months, and will be helping any teacher that needs it to become registered.

A quick reminder that PEC elections is fast approaching, and that one of our own, Robert Twerdiclib is running for ATA President. It is important that everyone becomes involved in choosing our next leadership group for our organization. The ATA is going through a very substantial time of transition, with many changes and retirements within the association. It is important for all teachers to have a say in these changes. One of those ways is by voting. This is another reason to have an active online account, as it is the only way you can vote!

Teachers’ Convention is fast approaching. Dates for this years convention is Feb. 9 & 10 2017 at the Shaw Conference Centre. Please make sure that you know how to log on and create an account. Go to https://www.mynctca.com and register to create your own personalized schedule. I remind all teachers that this is your site for work for those two days, and it is your professional obligation to attend convention. 

Respectfully submitted by Gary Hanna

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Parkland Teachers' Local 10 of the Alberta Teachers' Association is comprised of 632 teachers. Bordering the west side of the City of Edmonton, the Local geographically stretches 100 kilometers west of the Yellowhead Highway to the Pembina River at Entwistle while the North Saskatchewan River acts as the southern border.

Teachers work in public schools in:

  • the City of Spruce Grove
  • the Town of Stony Plain
  • the Villages of Seba Beach, Tomahawk, and Wabamun
  • the hamlets of Duffield and Entwistle
  • Parkland County communities of Blueberry, Graminia, Keephills, Muir Lake and Parkland Village.

Additionally, teachers are employed in outreach and alternate programs, in home-education and virtual delivery, and support roles within the district.

Questions about the content on this page should be addressed to Parkland Teachers' Local 10 at parklandteachers@shaw.ca


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