Local Council Meetings

Reports from Local President, District Representative and Standing Committee Chairs

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May- AGM

AGM Agenda

AGM Minutes

LPEO Report

NCTCA Report

DEHR Report

ARA Report

EAFEC Report

President's Report

PD Annual Report

AGM Minutes 2023


May- Local Council

LC Minutes

President's Report

DEHR Report



PEC Report April 2024

Treasurer's Report April 2024

President's Report April 2024

Vice President's Report April 2024

ARA Report April 2024

LC Minutes April 2024



ARA Report March 2024

LPEO Report March 2024

LC Minutes March 2024

NCTCA Report March 2024

President's Report March 2024

Vice President's Report March 2024

DEHR Report March 2024

Treasurer's Report March 2024

PEC Report Feb 2024

TWC Report March 2024



Treasurer's Report Jan 2024

LC Minutes Jan 2024 

PEC Report Jan 2024

Local President's Report Jan 2024

DEHR Committee Report Jan 2024



Local Council Minutes Dec 2023

PEC Report Dec 2023

Local President's Report Dec 2023

TWC Report Dec 2023

NCTCA Report Dec 2023

DEHR Report Dec 2023

ARA Report Dec 2023

Treasurer's Report Dec 2023



Local Council Minutes Nov 2023

PEC Report Nov 2023

Treasurer's Report Nov 2023

NCTCA Report Nov 2023



ARA Meeting Minutes Oct 2023

Local Council Minutes Oct 2023

Local President's Report Oct 2023

Teacher Welfare Committee Report Oct 2023

Treasurer's Report Oct 2023


Local Council Meeting Minutes Sept 2023

PEC Report Sept 2023

TWC Report Sept 2023



Treasurer's Report July/August 2023

June 2023

Treasurer's Report June 2023

PEC Report June 2023

May 2023


AGM Agenda

AGM 2023 Minutes

AGM 2022 Minutes

Local President's AGM Report

Women in Leadership AGM Report

DEHR Committee AGM Report

ARA AGM Report


TWC AGM Report

Treasurer's AGM Report

Convention Representative AGM Report


Treasurer's Report May 2023

April 2023

PEC Report April 2023

Treasurer's Report April 2023

Local President's Report April 2023

March 2023

March Local Council Minutes March 2023

PEC Report March 2023

Treasurer's Report March 2023

Presidents' Report March 2023

February 2023

Treasurer's Report Feb 2023

January 2023

PEC Report Jan 2023

Local Council Meeting Minutes Jan 2023

President's Report Jan 2023

PD Report Jan 2023

Treasurer's Report Jan 2023

TWC Report Jan 2023

December 2022

LC Minutes December 2022

TWC Report December 2022

PEC Report December 2022

President's Report December 2022

Local Council Meeting Minutes, Nov 2nd 2022

PD Report December 2022

Treasurer's Report November 2022


PD Report November 2022

Treasurer's Report October 2022

PEC Report October 2022


Local Council Meeting Minutes October 2022

PEC Report (Updated) September 2022

Local President's Report October 2022

Treasurer's Report September 2022

Local Council Minutes September 2022

Teacher Welfare Committee (TWC) Report Sept 2022

2020 List of All Matters (LAM)


Local Council Minutes September 2022

Local Presidents' Report September 2022

PEC Report September 2022

Treasurer's Report July and August 2022

PD Report September 2022



NCTCA Report June 2022

Treasurer's Report

PEC Report June 2022


AGM Minutes 2022

President's Report AGM 2022

PLC Report AGM 2022

ARA AGM Report 2022

Political Engagement Officer AGM Report 2022

Local Communications Officer AGM Report 2022

Women in Leadership AGM Report 2022

TWC AGM Report 2022

DEHR AGM Report 2022