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Our teachers are very active in a number of events

PD Day used for Planning Comprehensive Reporting - On October 8th, 2010 High Park, Stony Plain Central, Meridian Heights, Seba Beach, Tomahawk and Duffield Schools joined staffs to plan for Comprehensive Reporting.  Each professional learning group spent the day looking at the curricular big ideas and writing "I Can... " statements for students.    

Banff Centre 2007Banf Centre 2007 Summer Conference 2007 - Banff Centre for the Arts
August 13 to 17, 2007
During these warm summer days, five members of Parkland Local volunteered their time to attend training sessions at the Association's annual summer conference.  For five days in August, these delegate participated in programs designed to assist the local in communication, local programs and even in pension consulting.  Their insights into the benefits of the program is revealed in theirconference reports.
Annual Representative Assembly - Victoria Day long weekend, 2007        
Our ARA reps debated and discussed, listened and learned, and proposed and approved resolutions throughout the sessions.  Parkland was well represented by (in photo) Scott Onuczko, Bill Fraser, Kulbir Dhaliwal, Iona Robertson,  (not in photo), Don Sinkwich, Linda Aschenbrenner, and Robert Twerdoclib.

ARA 2007: Scott, Bill, Kulbir, Iona

A delegation from Parkland helps to build a school in Ecuador.

You can change the world one child at a time.

photo 3  and photo 4

Escuela Una de Octobre:

For the past two years, Parkland Teachers’ Local 10 has contributed financially to the Children Of Ecuador Fund. This local charity, steered by Parkland teacher David Oldham of Spruce Grove Composite High School, serves to enrich the lives and education of children in this South American country. The pictures show the reality of schooling three years ago, and new construction completed thanks to funding. Future plans hope to see the funding of a new school.

March 14 - On day 18 of our 21 day strike, 380 Parkland teachers met for lunch.  After a delicious Chinese food meal, the teachers engaged in some daily physical education; they walked along Meridian Road in Stony Plain. Parkland teachers walk in front of the Strike Headquarters on Meridian Street in Stony Plain.

Engaging in lively conversation and educated debate, teachers discuss the latest strike information.

More photos of the lunch and walk

On March 14th, 381 Parkland teachers met at the Stony Plain Convention Inn. The teachers discussed the latest news on the strike and enjoyed the fellowship of their colleagues. 
Members of our Local proudly wear our badge.     Each member recieved a sticker to show their pride in our Local.
Shannon McElroy (Ed. Catholic Teachers) & Mark Ramsankar (Ed. Public Teachers) offer their support.
more photos from strike headquarters
Many thanks to all those Locals, individuals and groups who continue to support us during our strike.  Featured here are Shannon McElroy, Edmonton Catholic Teachers #54, and Mark Ramsankar, Edmonton Public Teachers' Local #37, with our President Robert Twerdoclib. More photos from our strike headquarters can be viewed at Headquarters Photos.
Happy holidays from the executive of Parkland Local.  Wishing you all the best for 2007. Our 2006 Executive wish you all the best for the holidays and 2007
Members of High Park School's staff displaying one hamper compiled by the students and staff for a community family Christmas 2006 Each year High Park Staff and Students generously donate their time, food and gifts to local families wishing them a better holiday season.
Candid shots of some of our members at a Local Council Meeting.  Thanks to all Staff Reps for all they do. Rotating pictures of Parkland Teachers' Local 10 members at a Local Council Meeting 2006
Still collage version
Karen McAmmond (VP) and Robert Twerdoclib (Pres) induct new teachers and wish retiring teachers good times. Our vice-president, Karen, and our president, Robert, invite new teachers into our association while thanking retiring teachers for their contributions - Fall, 2006