Photos: Chinese Food and DPA Walk

Once 380 Parkland teachers met at the Stony Plain Convention Inn on March 14, 2007.  The teachers enjoyed a delicious Chinese food lunch and engaged in lively discussion with their colleagues.  Following the luncheon, members took a walk (as good daily physical activity) to the Parkland School Division office and visited Fred Lindsay to "voice" their desire to get back to the bargaining table.

The dialogue was lively amongst the many colleagues.

Teachers enjoyed a Chinese food meal served theStony Convention Inn. Two of our newer teachers "ham" it up for the camera before getting down to serious discussions.
We'd like to resume talks with a Special Mediator, please. It was a chance to reconnect with colleagues. What we want is to resume the talks, sign an acceptable agreement and return to the classroom.
We're looking for a local solution to a local problem. Teachers are asking for meaningful resolution now. Teachers want to go back to the bargaining table.

"We request a Special Mediator to help resolve this dispute."

Teachers gather at the MLA's, Fred LIndsay, office
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